Ruff István Zalán


Ruff István Zalán:

Andrew the first's in bed



Andrew the first’s in bed,

His successor’s child at yet,

Salmon’s child, so Andrew

Put over Bela his crown.


But now, Salmon is five

Possible only the king live,

Andrew’s brother mustn’t reign,

And Salmon has got the christrain.


To the church! To the dome!

Put to Salmon’s head the crown!

And sing for the young successor:

Reign over Andrew’s brother!


Say it, sing it in latin,

Bela mustn’t hear our win,

Heard he? Yes , he heared the „win”,

Interpreter translated it for him.


Andrew the first’s in bed.

Bela the prince’s got anger yet.

He dropped his crown to ground,

It almost broke, it spined round.


Andrew wanted to keep the peace,

Suddenly arrived two talebearers.

They shouted: Kill Bela!

Put to Salmon your reign, ha!


„Be now king, it will be right!

Andrew is ill, Salmon is child!”

At Bela, the talebearers said that,

They hoped, they’ll get a money set…


Andrew the first’s in bed

With his servants he met,

He said: bring my crown,

And a sword, when you come soon.


Andrew! Don’t be silly!

Your son, Salmon must reign!

Thought he, opposite the guard,

Michael, … came back the few servant!


„Bela will have to choose.

If he’ll point to the sword soon,

He’ll be prince. Sword means

When someone is a prince.


But if he’ll choose the crow’,

Servants, please, don’t be slow!

Touch the sword, touch it,

Cut Bela’s head with a big hit!”


Big luck, very big, because quick

Heared that speak the guard, Mick.

When Bela arrived, whispered Mike:

Choose the sword, if you want to live!


Andrew said: „Brother, I want to keep

The peace, so Salmon can be king.

If you want to be it, bring the crown!

If you want to be prince, choose the sword!


Bela understood Michael guard,

The sword was what he fast choosed

He became prince, he weared the sword,

Salmon clapped, Andrew frightened of course.


That day, Salmon kept the feeling to swing,

But after Andrew died, Bela became king.



2014. február 7.




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